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Florida Worldwide Citrus was established in 1985 with the purpose of providing top quality Florida citrus products to both the U.S. and International food & beverage market. It has always been our philosophy to not only provide customers with a high quality product, but to offer the appropriate technical assistance to assure that our products and flavors are utilized to their maximum potential. We also take pride in our production efficiencies that have been streamlined over the years. Continued emphasis on improving productivity have contributed to superior lead times while maintaining competitive prices.

Over the years our company has evolved as one of the top citrus product and flavor companies in Florida. With over 50 years of technical and commercial experience in the citrus and beverage related industry, Florida Worldwide Citrus is confident it can provide Super Fresh Flavors from Florida designed to:


  •  Restore lost top notes that often are lost during the processing of juice
  •  Enhance the complete flavor character of a juice beverage
  •  Refine the taste and aroma
  •  Stabilize finished product for improved shelf stability

Should you be in need of natural citrus raw materials such as Cold pressed oils or Essence oils our trading division is ready to assist you in meeting your product requirements. This group specializes in sourcing a wide array of citrus oils and essence oils that today are shipped throughout the world.


We understand the importance of building relationships with the companies that use our flavors in their finished product. Think of us as providing that finishing touch that turns something ordinary into a masterpiece. Our flavors bring a juice back to its purest form, which can only be achieved by adding back what was once lost. By offering our customers' flavorings that provide consistency and performance along with technical support and a service level that is second to none, our customers will agree that a partnership is born. We strongly believe that such a relationship is mutually beneficial.

We Can Help

Whether you already have a good tasting product that needs to taste better or have a new product in mind needing a fresher flavor, Florida Worldwide is here to help. Our business is not just in providing flavors. Our team works closely with you to explore your specific product objectives and assist you in achieving your unique taste and aroma goals. We constantly evaluate the costs of doing business to ensure that we operate in an efficient environment. In turn we are able to offer our customers a competitive pricing program for top quality products and a world class level of service.


We are located in Bradenton, Florida placing our company in close proximity to some of the largest juice processors in the country. This ensures that we are aware of the latest developments relating to current and forthcoming developments is the citrus processing arena. Of greater importance of course is that our relationship with the Florida processors allows us to have access to the freshest product the Florida crop has to offer.

The uniqueness of our Super Fresh Squeezed flavors starts with our production process that takes place directly in the citrus fruit processing plant in Florida. This offers us direct access to a raw material base that we can identify as worthy for flavor production. Our flavor production is located inside the processing plant giving us access to fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit flavor fractions that are of the best quality. Florida Worldwide Citrus is the only flavor company that operates in such an environment.


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